Open Platform
Developing Open APIs-based access
to financial infrastructure and services
QIWI Platform is a company of QIWI group, the largest payments processing corporation in Russia.
QIWI is a NASDAQ-traded company that owns a network of internet and mobile p2p remittance services.
The network consists of 20,1B e-Wallets and 152 525 kiosks and terminals.
Our value
for financial technologies:
Offering a lower deploying costs
We provide "plug-in" access to ready-to-use infrastructure.
All processes are setup and tested with real clients. Thus, lowering barriers to entry, stimulating competition and quality for clients.
Increasing market potential
We are focused on reducing startups' time-to-market costs
in order to foster quality
and quantity of new projects.
Fostering growth
in the quality of services
We are experts in fintech and are ready to systematically share expertise - improving the quality of financial products and developing the industry.
Vision for the future of financial technologies
The banks have an unenviable fate - it is rapidly becoming a commodity, as it happened with telecoms. Only innovative banks (possibly) will continue to supply front-end services

Sergey Solonin
QIWI, CEO & Co-owner
Strategic Partner
Fintech Association Russia
In collaboration with the Central Bank of Russia, Fintech Association is focused on new tech solutions development and implementation among the banks and financial institutions.

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